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About Me:

Eliza Wilde

Eliza Wilde is the author of Shock Value: A cam girl’s sexy and hilarious stories of capitalizing on sexual desire. Not only is she a webcam model, but an investigator, an Air Force veteran, and an artist. She has an undergraduate degree in Legal Studies; although after she started webcamming, she felt a degree in Psychology may have been more useful. She is fascinated with Psychology, Sexology and Human Sexuality and wanted to share her insights and interactions with her clients to the world.

She is known for her love of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, true-crime shows and documentaries, quality vodka and sarcasm. When she isn’t out investigating or writing her blog, she spends her time traveling, working out, brunching with friends while drinking mimosas, or binge watching Netflix with her Pitbull, Diesel.

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